Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lucy & Iris's Birthday Dinner

Our sweet girls decided they wanted to have a joint birthday dinner at the American Girl store again this year.  This secretly always makes me very happy, because it makes them seem more little and I LOVE the food!  Also, the little girl inside me loves looking at all the tiny things and seeing what they pick out.

They did some window shopping first while waiting for our lunch reservations.

Then we and our dolls were seated...

After we ordered our food (they're always very allergy friendly) the girls began opening presents...

THANK YOU Rita and Allen!!!

From Nena and Papa!!

Clyde got beading stuff for Lu and a skylander for Iris...

Sherry & David gave them each money, and a mysterious promise of a joint present coming soon.

From Mommy and Daddy, Skylanders and money for Iris, and beads and organ lessons for Lu.

Then dinner...

What they bought...

Lu bought a crockpot and food set, another food set that came with Blockus for dolls (really works and all these items except a pizza are on the table), this lovely denim & pink outfit you see Josephina modeling.  Lucy and I had a MARVELOUS time setting these pics up! :D

AND Josephina's writing set (includes little doll, notebooks, journal, quill&ink, and candlestick).  

But even though she bought quite a bit, she was careful and didn't spend all her money.

Iris got the guitar set, the flute set, and the ducky bathrobe that Octavia is wearing.

She, also,was careful and came home with birthday money!

We all had so much fun celebrating our girls and are so thankful for another delightful year with them!!!

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