Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lucy's 14th Birthday Party

For her 14th birthday, Lucy wanted me to surprise her with a cake...I was just supposed to pick which cartoon character I thought she would like best and invite her friends to join her at one of Mrs E's historical dances.  

Cake got baked and frosted...

Girls got ready...thankful for pantelets since you must hike up your hoop to tie your shoes. :)

this was Iris's first OFFICIAL dance, since she's finally in colonial girls :)

And off to dance we went....

We got home, fed everyone some more, and they watched 'Mom's Night Out.'

Then we crammed a small living room full of sleeping girls!!

The next morning, by the time Stephen and I got up, Meg and Ellie had already cooked everyone breakfast!

We pulled out crafts that they were going to make for their 18" dolls, and I didn't even have to help!  They just crafted away!

mini laundry baskets, jump ropes and lamps...

bird houses...

 terrariums and pets...

Group shot!  Sweet girls!!

 Birthday girl!!

Then they watched Captain America; Winter Soldier and the first part of Beauty and the Beast, before we finally had to take them all home!!  They were splendid girls!!  I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more loving and fun group!!

Happy 14th to my sweet Lucy!  I just LOOOOOVE you SOOOOOOO much!!!

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  1. Girls are looking simply adorable in these dresses. Glad that Lucy had a great birthday party with all her friends and besties. I have to plan a similar rocking party for my daughter and was looking for awesome ideas and venues in Chicago in budget.