Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Easter 2017 with Dad & Janet

Backposting for Spring of 2017

Dad and Janet had all of us over Easter weekend. 

It started out with Instructor Sherry giving swing dance lessons on the deck. (which I, unfortunately only got video of... no pics)

Iris got to try out a cello for the first time, because she was seriously leaning towards choosing it as her instrument.  (spoiler alert- she plays the cello!)

Then we just hung out with eachother.
I sure wish I could remember what made Dad laugh so hard.  I'm pretty sure it probably either involved David or Clyde.

 Easter Sunday!!

This is me trying to replicate a picture from a couple years before.  It turned out PERFECT!!  Love Dad's smiles... and it was contagious, the kids were grinning ear to ear too.

These cuties wearing their new Easter togs from Nena.  I love taking pics out here behind Grandad's church.

We tried to take individual portraits, but as you can see....

it was a windy day!!

He is Risen!!!!! <3 p="">

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