Saturday, January 20, 2018

Miscellaneous Spring-ish 2017

Backposting for spring/summer 2017

Picture Dump!

climbing among the blooms before the house was painted...

Stephen and a growing Fleur...

Falkor was SO thrilled when he got Fleur as a playmate.  Here he is strutting with his rings...

Iris lying with the pups...

Iris practices writing with a quill and inkwell...

The pups in Homegoods...

A pic of Lu I particularly love!

fleamarket with friends

Pups on the pop...

Stephen cheering up our Lucy on a light-headed day

Lucy informed me that even though she can't eat hibachi, she would LOVE to go to a "fire restaurant" again.  So Clyde and I got her some PFChangs, then took her to Shogun to watch the wonderful show of our food being cooked.

Iris crocheting a blanket for Ben.

Clyde with a Falkor

Baby Fleur was, and still is, VERY CUDDLY!

A sick Iris getting comforted by her loves.

and jostled by her Daddy

We love to go antiquing.  And when a girl goes antiqueing, she must try on a hat!

Iris adores it when we can all 5 be together for anything.  She regularly asks if we can all 5 sleep in the livingroom and one day we just randomly gave in.  It was a fun evening.

Date night!

Fleur always things Falkor is her couch.

Lu squeezing a Fleur.

drinking in unison

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