Saturday, January 20, 2018

Father's Day with Dad 2017

Backposting summer 2017

We went to Dad and Janet's for Father's Day weekend.

Iris enjoyed trekking in Grandad's wilderness with him.  Normally it's Clyde, following him out to feed all the cats.  Wild cats who won't let anyone else touch them, flock to my dad like a magnet. 

Iris trying out Grandad's boots.

Stephen receiving cards from his babies...

Iris made him a hatchet cover...

Clyde and Lucy's amazon orders didn't make it in time so they printed off pictures of the paracord and axe sharpening stone they ordered.

I just replenished his ammunition for when he goes shooting.

Clyde picks out great cards.  He doesn't have great confidence in his card making abilities (although I think we all love his homemade cards!!) so he has started spending his own money to pick them out and buy them for people.

Lucy's are always artistic...

and Iris's are always silly (in a good way) and thoughtful.

They love their Grandad!

My view Sunday morning at Grandad's church right before worship started.  Lucy had her head on on Sherry's shoulder.

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