Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fun Miscellaneousness

Backposting for Jan- Mar of 2017.

When you're having an anxious morning, it's nice to have a big sister who loves to hold you!!

....and make you laugh.

 Iris made us a ll a 3-course meal one day.  This was her carrot soup.

Nana helped her put this together.  It was very sweet.  She waited on everyone too.

Lucy and crew wearing some Korean facial masks.

This is what my big, bad, tough, enormously tall boy looks like when he gets a bad fever.

Lucy napping on her napping Daddy at Grandad's.

Clyde learning that elusive skill of sharpening a knife.

Does this really need a caption???

I mean, does it?

This was Iris's shopping day for her spring clothes.  Pink hat and pink ice-cream are necessary.

This particular day, Lu was light-headed so Clyde let her and Fleur cuddle in his lap.  Awwwwwww!

Now for the cat-snake section...
The Lupinator.  She's our brilliant escape artist.

I love this of Clyde holding Soot, because of how their eyes line up.

Ash wanted my half and half sweet tea.

Sweet Laurel loves to burrow under our covers and go to sleep.

I'm about to juuuuump.

Our headphones really belong in our boxspring.  Lupine's just cleaning it up for us.


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