Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Prairie Girls

Backposting for Spring 2017

Iris had a great year in Mrs E's historical girls class this year.  The theme was Prairie girls, and she, once again, chose to wear Lucy's old dress instead of having me make her a new one.  For the end of the year graduation for Prairie girls, Mrs E throws a square dance and picnic.  The girls and their families had a great time.

Here's a picture dump! :)

Iris with a few of the girls, not looking as confident as some! ;)

Mrs E explaning how their song is going to work.

Some proud big sisters and previous graduates.

Mrs E used Clyde and Meg as her example couple while explaining this dance.  And although he DID dance, Clyde was a wee bit insecure and nervous, I think, and acted out a bit.  :P

Iris and friends along with Prairie girl hopeful, Ada Potata <3 p="">

More of the square dance...

Prairie girl graduates of 2017!

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