Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Large Part of Us Is Missing

The kids and I all got haircuts...some more dramatic than others...

Clyde got his shorn back down.   He didn't want to, but we were mean and made him.  I think it's adorable and it's been a WHILE.

I got mine cut.  Not good at taking pictures of myself...Stephen kept saying, "Don't take it straight on."

And for the grand finale....

Lucy got the MOST length cut and seemed quite happy about it.  And though Iris cried driving to the salon, walking to it, while it was being cut, and while it was drying, BOTH girls now love their new dos.


  1. wow! love! i actually really like clyde's. and i think it's hilarious that stephen gave you pose instructions. good for spring! i'm growing mine back out.

  2. oh, and aaron still has his backpack filled with toys he didn't get to show clyde last time we played. again soon?