Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Iris's Tooth Extraction

Iris has been complaining of her cheek hurting for some time.  I really thought it was a muscle problem... maybe just some weakness.  She's always had trouble chewing meat and I did as a kid, so that is to what I attributed the complaints.

But when it started waking her up and causing her to cry, I took her to the dentist. 

He found a huge hole on the back side of one of her molars.  It looked as though it COULD be infected.  He told us it would have to come out, sent us home with antibiotics, and told us to come back in a week.

I was very torn about this dental office.  I had heard wonderful things about the office.  I wasn't going back to the kids' old pediatric dentist, because he's far away and did some not so stellar work on Lu.  BUT this one was not going to let me go back with her.  BUT, most pediatric dentists don't.  BUT, they said I could go back with her for her FIRST visit (Iris has extreme anxiety.)  You see my dilemna.

But she LOVED them and wanted to go to them for her extraction even though I couldn't go back with her.

However, afterward was a different story.

The dental assistant brought her out and Iris just clung to me and whenever the lady spoke to her, she kept her face turned away and wouldn't look at her.  The assistant told me she would be numb for 2 hours, and would be fine with Tylenol or Motrin.

She had had Tylenol w/ codeine too recently, she couldn't have more for quite a while.  But they said she'd be numb for a while, so I thought I was good.  I took her out to the car, told her how proud I was of her and snapped this picture to message immediate family.  (replaced the bloody gauze for clean, first) But I knew something was wrong.  She kept holding her cheek and her face muscles were so tense.

Right after I snapped the picture, she starts sobbing. 

"Mommy, it hurt so bad!"
"Honey, I'm so sorry!  Did you tell them?"
"Did they say anything or give you more medicine or gas?"
"No.  And when I asked if my tooth was out yet, the lady said they weren't going to pull my tooth.  Why did she say that?  And they hurt me.  And YOU weren't there and I wanted you and it HURTS!"
"It hurts now??"

So I drive to get her ibuprofen.  It doesn't help.  She's crying off and on for a long while.  I stay in the pharmacy parking lot, because I'm hoping they'll call something in for her and she REALLY doesn't want me to put her in her seat (she never does this.)  When I talked to the dental office (a couple different times) they just kept telling me she shouldn't be hurting.  Which was NOT helpful, because she was.  They didn't believe me.  Finally the dentist called and listened and informed me that she shouldn't be hurting.  Gee, thanks?  He closed with a, "Call me if you have any problems."  Hmmm.  I couldn't figure out how to help ease the pain, they gave me no advice or tips.  I went back inside to buy some instant cold packs.

Eventually she calmed a little.  Then the bleeding slowed and I wasn't changing gauze as often.  Then she got in her seat, Clyde held her hand and I got her home.

She walked in the door, got a paper towel to keep drool from getting on her clothes and laid on the couch.  She had her head propped up in a most uncomfortable looking manner, but did not want to be moved, propped on a pillow, or held.  She did not want to talk or answer questions.  I wasn't sure what to do.

I was just about to pop a movie in for her, when Lucy crawled up on the couch and started reading a book to her.  Then Clyde crawled behind her and started petting her head.
(he won't pet heads for pictures!)

After an hour of this, she seemed much improved...just uncomfortable, but no longer in pain.

Two more hours and it was like nothing ever happened.  But I do NOT believe she was not in pain earlier.  And for some reason, she does NOT want to go back to that dentist.  She insists she wants to go to a grown-up, boring dentist with no movies or toys as long as they will let me go back with her.  So we will not be returning.  I'm thankful she bounced back so quickly.  Obviously, they were correct that she would return to normal quickly, but I just felt like they didn't take her pain seriously.

Here she is showing Daddy her tooth.

Here's the tooth.  You can see the awful hole on the one side...the other side is just the plain tooth.  Look at the roots on that baby tooth!! 

A few hours ago, she ran to get ready for bed proclaiming that she was, "the happiest little girl in the world!" 

Stephen and I just looked at each other like is this really the same child?...same day?  So thankful that tooth is out of her head! 

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