Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Sweet Geeks

One day, my husband came up from his office and announced that there was going to be a local 3D printer fair.  My kids squealed in delight.  I looked at them like they were nuts.  Why was this so exciting?  Anyway, it was.  So we all went and I took pics of the all the wonderfulness.

This is mostly what I saw there....3 little brunettes scrunching together peering into the inner workings of various 3D printers.

Iris is manipulating some gears that a printer made.

Clyde is holding a ball...withing a ball....within a ball....within a ball...within a ball...

Apparently when you blow air at this ball, the inner balls will roll.

Lucy adored the designing software.  She spent quite a while here dreaming and designing what she would print, if she only had a printer.

Clyde holding a Yoda head...

Clyde and Iris worked little printed puzzles FOREVER.

Here they are learning how 3D printing helps playground designers see how the parts will work together before spending the big bucks making the pieces from more expensive materials.

Apparently, Lucy found this 3D printed cathedral (Notre Dame?) to be astonishing.

Iris thought the chains were impressive.  I didn't have my flash on while she was twirling this one, so you can't see the links very well. 

I have a feeling will be attending any of these we find out about, so if you plan on coming to one...
expect to see us there!

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