Thursday, March 7, 2013

Game Night

When my Grandmother was living, my aunts, uncles, and cousins used to get together EVERY SUNDAY.  When I was small, they always played games, I can remember how they would kindly let me play, even though that might mean their team might suffer :)

After a while, it just became a hang out time and that was still fun.  I remember pushing Baby Lucy in a stroller a couple blocks to my Grandma's house (which is now Sherry's house) every Sunday so everyone could "oooh" and "aaah" over her.

Well, last Saturday, my Mom had a game night and several of them showed up to play.  Now, of course, Sadie, Lucy, Clyde, and Iris are old enough to play.  And David was there, and my Uncle Ricky brought his girlfriend, Johanna :)

We had a great time playing Pictionary, ImagineIff, BuzzWord, and Taboo.

Here's Iris drawing a crowd as she sketches a bicycle for an AllPlay in Pictionary.  Her team got it.

David drawing...

We watch Rita intently...

Johanna's turn...

Lucy drawing...

Ricky guessing what Mom is drawing...

Clyde's mushroom.  Right before starting this drawing he said, "Now watch careful, whoever sees it first will guess it real fast!"  It was an allplay too, and I guessed it!

Much laughter ensued.

Sissy reading...

Iris drew this shape, we guessed "necklace", "earring", and others.  She just looked at us as we floundered.  We asked her; was there nothing else she could draw to help us?  She said, "um....I can draw it again!"  And she did!  We were all laughing so hard.  It was a big toe.

Thinking faces of Mom, Sadie, Sissy, and Johanna.  Keep in mind they are in deep concentration!!

I like this of Ricky watching Johanna draw :)

These two sillies tried to keep Sherry from leaving.

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