Monday, March 18, 2013

Clyde, Personal Trainer

I left the house for a few hours while Stephen was working downstairs.  The kids had instructions to play quietly, which they followed very well.  When I got home, I thanked them for being so obedient.

I saw an unusual number of stuffed animals in the hallway and when I asked about them, my boy gave me an exclusive tour...

There are two climbing walls in Clyde's workout gym.  One is being utilized by Otter and Bear, while the other was left free for Monkey.

Guinea Pig is burning the calories on the treadmill.

Stitch and Pooh are practicing headstands.

Bear is doing pull-ups.

Big Stitch is weight lifting.

While waiting their turn for Clyde's services and superior exercise equipment, some others are taking advantage of the diversions Clyde left for them in the waiting area.

Sonic is working a cheese puzzle.

Leo and Heffalump are practicing multiplication.

while Hedgehog and Bunny are playing cards.

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