Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Paper Valentine's Day

I never go OVERBOARD with Valentine's Day, I don't think.  But I do love it, and I love to make it special for the kids.  They always get things from the grandparents, but we like to give them a little something too.

But with them being sick the weeks leading up to it, and me being in the ER the night before... and them waking up at someone else's house the morning of, it just wasn't our typical Valentine's Day.

But we managed to make it to the Walmart  a few minutes before picking them up and picked up these...
Which they seemed to enjoy :)

Later in the afternoon, after we had been home for a little while, the younger two gave us these...

Then at dinner, we all found these sweet little place cards from Lucy, the only one who had something made in advance.  She had planned to set them out for everyone's breakfast, but changed it to dinner since that had been impossible.

It was pretty sweet, and really much more traditional to historical Valentine's days :)

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