Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life Through the Lens of my iPhone

Every once in a while, I move all those HUNDREDS of pictures I take on my phone to the computer.  And they really never get posted on here.  That's really a shame, because they're such great, little every-day moments!!

So I picked a few gems...

Like Lucy looking so grown-up, making a purchase at HobbyLobby...

We went to see The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever back in December.

 Clyde went to McKellan's birthday party...

...and some of the kids got in the hurricane simulation booth!

Iris had Lucy accompany her to the cash register when we were in a store one day and later slipped a little surprise in my coat pocket.  Apparently, I needed eye bling!

The kids often dress up as demi-gods from the Rick Riordan books and fight. :)

One day, Lucy and Iris decided to paint a still life.

What Iris did on the HobbyLobby floor one day :)

This is how seriously the girls take Stephen when he says,"Don't sit near me!!  Stop it!  Don't sit near me!"

Iris made Stephen a special name tag/business card ;)

Monopoly and salad night!


Lucy studies.

No more chemistry!!

One day, when it was just Clyde, Stephen and I, we went to Macaroni Grill.  This is what I drew on my part of the table cloth...

This is what Clyde did....

Clyde pondering deeply in his sleep.

Girls trying on masks at mall...

Clyde and Stephen playing chess.

And last, but not least!  Stephen and I were cleaning out a storage closet and found Clyde's old nebulizer.  On it was a note that Lucy (age 5) wrote when Clyde was going to spend the night with his grandparents when he was 3 describing how and when to use the nebulizer.  It's very sweet!!
In case you can't see it-
"Use me on Clyde evry nithgh.  I love you.  Plas come as soon as yoy can.  -Lucy
(Clyde likes to be read to wile hes doing his medsin.)"

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