Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Second Good Snow of 2014

Once again, it SNOWED!!!

We are SO excited!!

Stephen couldn't sleep, got up early and walked around in the snow in all of it's pristine-ness!

And once again, Iris was the first KID out!  My snow baby ran and played and screamed like a banshee long before I ever got dressed or ate breakfast.  So these are the only pics I have of her.  Thank you, Stephen for taking them!!

Clyde was next and he overlapped with Iris a bit...but he, also, came in before I ever went out.  So, I ran and took a picture of the Bigfoot footprint that he made :) and his snowman holding a snow shovel.

Lucy and I always wake up about the same time and eat about the same time.  So she and I got to amble about in the snow together. :)  We had a pleasant, peaceful and beautiful time!

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