Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bye-bye Trees!

I DESPISE the cutting down of mature trees!  There are just not enough of them anymore and they're always getting cut down, while taking so long to replace.

That said, we had 3 or 4, that were threatening to fall down on our house during storms.  One, in particular, was constantly dropping branches for no reason making it too dangerous for the kids to go in the backyard.  Lucy was so allergic to another, that the pollen from it made her skin break out in huge hives...I couldn't imagine what it was doing to her lungs. 

So, sadly, they had to go.  Though we were sad, it was still impressive to watch them fall.  They were mighty trees, so they had mighty falls!!  It felt like the neighborhood shook.

Those bottom two pics dont' look like it, but they are of two different trees.

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