Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello, Aquarium, It's Been Awhile

Dad & Janet got us all passes to the aquarium for Christmas.  We've already been twice.  Mom & Paul decided to get their own passes.  Sherry got in as our guest.  Here's just a few highlights since I already have TONS of aquarium pics on this blog...just not recently.  These are condensed from two trips.

Mom and girls counting seahorses.

Sherry & Clyde admiring starfish.

Kids made friends with this fish.  They watched him, drew him, talked to him, studied his habits.  Gave us adults time to sit and chill.

 Look at Iris compared to the giant sting ray!!  We got to watch the divers feed them.

All the kids next to him!

Kids next to an old turtle shell...

Kids petting rays...  (notice Stephen holding the girls' long hair)

Lu and Iris with penguins :)

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