Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Girls are 13 and 9!!

The girls agreed they'd like to have a joint birthday dinner at the American Girl Cafe sometime between their birthdays.

So, one Saturday in January, Nena, Papa, Sherry, Stephen, the three kiddos, and myself drove to Atlanta and had lunch at the Cafe.

No big group picture, but one side of the table had Nena, Papa, Clyde, and Iris...

The other side had Lucy, Sherry, Stephen and me.

Here are the girls and their dolls.  Lucy brought Josephina and Iris brought Octavia.

Dinner was AWESOME!  I always really enjoy the food there for some reason...not every body does, but I think it's scrumptious!!

Since the American Girl store was our party location, Nena & Papa, Uncle Allen & Aunt Rita, and Stephen & I all decided to give them money so they could spend it there.  They were blown away!

Clyde gave both girls Frozen charm bracelets.

Sherry and David gave Iris appropriate!

And they gave Lucy one of the wrap-around skirts she always wants to look at when we go to the mall :)

Lucy gave Iris a fashion sketching notebook, and Iris gave her a necklace.

Sherry, once again, proved she's the most awesome aunt ever by bringing dessert down for Lu in a cooler.  Two flavors of sorbet from Menchies and seperately bought milk-free toppings!  Lu loved!

Iris's dessert sampler!

They went on to have an awesome, though crowded and hot shopping experience.  Since Uncle Allen and Aunt Rita haven't seen yet, here's what Lucy bought... (just the outfit from the right pic)

And here's what Iris bought...

So, thank you Nena and Papa for the gifts and dinner!  Thank you Sherry for dessert and gifts!  Thank you Rita and Allen for the exciting presents!

And most of all, Thank you, Almighty God, for these precious gifts, our girls and their marvelously beautiful 9 and 13 years!!

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