Sunday, May 17, 2015

Christmas At Grandad & Grandmom's (Another Picture Dump)

Christmas weekend, we all gathered at Grandmom & Grandad's house. 

This post has SO many pics, that I'm not including what everyone bought everyone...just... almost :)

One of the girls' favorite activities at Grandmom's and Grandad's is doing make-up, nails, and hair on all the ladies in the house.  Here's Iris giving Sherry a manicure

Then she manicures Nana...

A gathering to play Clyde's new Picwics game!!  Even Grandad played!!

Then the kids played "dress-up-Grandad"....he was an EXCELLENT sport!

 Then we celebrated Grandmom's bday!

Christmas dinner!! Yummy!!  Nana and Grandmom hid in this pic :(

Another round of Picwics!

Uncle Bobby's b-day!

Then we showed Grandad some funny dog videos on youtube :)

I'm just going to go ahead and admit that, going back and looking at Christmas pics in April...well, I'm confused which present were fore birthdays and which were for Christmas.  So, we'll hit some highlights.

I know for sure this was part of Lu's b-day from Grandad and Grandmom.

Puffy fabric paint, some recipes, aprons to decorate and homemade, dairy/dye free mixes for the recipes from Brent & Dyan, and Bobby!!!

Clyde gifted Grandad with duct tape :)

 Iris made Grandad a poster...

ALL the kids got Grandmom little organizers to help with her kids' ministry.  Their own idea :)

Nana opening a present from Grandad & Grandmom...

Lu gave uncle Bobby some of her art for his art wall.

Clyde and Iris gave him spray paint.

Iris made Aunt Dyan a scarf, Clyde gave her a notebook and Lucy gave her a giraffe with purple eyes...her favorite animal and color!

Clyde gave Uncle Brent guitar picks, Lucy gave him some pens he likes, and Iris gave him tictacs. :)

Then they got MORE giant tinker toys...our home has been swallowed by spaceships, nautical ships, houses and factories!

Snap circuits, brushbot kits and a trebuchet kit from Grandad and Grandmom along with AQUARIUM PASSES!!!!!!

Giant glow sticks from Nana!!

After all the gifting and eating Clyde went so crazy the camera couldn't catch him, Lucy worked a puzzle with Dyan, and Iris passed out on Sherry!

Fun for all!!

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