Thursday, December 22, 2011

DPP # 20, 21 &22 Because I'm Getting Lax

I cleaned the upstairs!!!  ....but I'm not taking a picture, cause I'm a little self conscious about my house keeping/decorating.

But YAY!!

And I FINALLY finished Iris's future-doll's outfit (hope you like it Leonora Leonore)!!!  YAY! again.  But, ya'll, don't tell. sshhhhh.

Also we went on our second mall scavenger hunt!!  Mom & Sherry's first time participating.  They were both on a team with the girls.  Clyde and I were on a team, so all my scavenger hunt pics are of me and him.

I'm only including some of the more fun pics, but here's the list of what we had to find....

color clothes washer,  lotion with coconut,  tea set,  escalator,  Mario,  character t-shirt,  super hero item,  shirt with wheels of some kind on it,  webkinz,  Hello Kitty,  fuzzy boots,  red/orange necklace,  crazy headband....teams could do these in any order, but we all had to end up finding a yellow purse in Belk

Clyde w/ superman toboggan ...

Me w/ crazy awesome headband....

Clyde w/ teaset...

Me w/ Hello Kitty fuzzy boots (2 items in one, people!!! psycho, though they may be)

Clyde w/ armadillo webkinz kissing him....aaawwww

And Mom took us all to Red Robin....may I just say that their Banzai burger w/ grilled pineapple....OH. MY. YUMMINESS.  and they are OH SO CAREFUL with allergies so I now HEART them muy much!!!

Then we all went back to Mom's (except Sherry) for some hangout time, Jetsons episodes and snacks.

Let the countdown to Christmas continue!!!

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  1. You are such a fun Mom. Taking time and effort for a fun outing! Clyde's hair cut is cute. Kristin S.