Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DPP #7 Rehearsal

I don't take excellent pictures in my church's's so big...and I am NOT  photographer!

But I couldn't resist taking a couple during the kids play rehearsal tonight...

Lucy as Betty Rocker...I love it, she's so cute in the part and they're having her wear an "I Love Lucy" apron....

Iris sang every once in a while, when she wasn't busy messing around with her friends...but she was very proud of those 3 minute moments when she was behaving.  When I told her she was not to play with her friends during the concert, she would smile and say, "but didn't I do a good job when I was actually singing?"

Clyde.  Clyde actually looked like his heart was really in it this year :)

Thanks to all the grown-ups at church who put so much of themselves into this!!

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