Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's STILL Christmas Break...

Since we did Christmas with Dad & Janet a week early and with Mom and Paul on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day this year was....really different.  It was very relaxing, and we did have a couple of presents left for the kids to open.  But the really sweet part was them opening gifts from each other.

Iris made Clyde a race track and Lucy a picture.

Lucy made Clyde a bird identification book and Iris a flower hair-clip.

Clyde made Iris and Egyptian "Queen" necklace, and Lucy some artwork for the doll apartment.

They love each other so much it just makes me all teary. :)

We hung out all day and played and napped and ate.  Stephen made a gun strap....

Lucy turned 10 at 8:36....right on time ;).  *sigh*  We talked about it all finally transpired.

By dinner time we had already eaten all of our groceries and Christmas Eve leftovers and we were VERY hungry.

We drove around trying to find a restaurant to eat at (Fox & Hound  apparently requires you to be 21 or over to eat there).  We ate at Waffle House.  Clyde and Lucy read Sonic the Hedgehog comic books while Daddy and Iris were acting all sweet.

It was a VERY different Christmas Day than what we're used to!

Since Christmas Eve, Iris has worn her 'Princess of Everything' Apron everyday, everywhere we go.

She found this statue and declared, "Daddy, look, the Statue of Liberty is carrying a hamburger instead of the paintbrush she normally carries."  We got a good laugh out of that :)

Clyde has continuously listened to his record player everyday from the time he wakes up, until he goes to sleep.

Tomorrow is Lucy's and Iris's birthday 'dinner'....not to be confused with their birthday 'parties'.  They all do their birthdays along with Christmas at my Dad's.  They have birthday dinners with my Mom.  And then their parties are with friends.  Stephen keeps insisting that they don't NEED that many celebrations.  I guess in theory, I agree, but it's hard for me to stop.  I happen to LOVE parties!  And I love making my babies excited!!

So...tomorrow is the girl's birthday dinner.  And Friday is Lucy's party.  Today I made 8 doll pillows.  And Stephen helped me cut up 8 pieces of fleece that the girls who attend her sleepover will turn into sleeping bags.  It's gonna be fun!

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  1. I'll not spoil the surprise about the party fun! Isn't it a blast having a 10 year old? Ellie and Jessica-Anne will be there with bells on!