Thursday, December 8, 2011

DPP #8 How do YOU eat barbeque?

One of my kids' favorite restaurants is Famous Dave's.  My Mom was feeling festive today and decided to take my sister, my kids and I there to eat and then to see a movie.  (All the men folk were working)   She ordered the giant family feast, where they just bring you gobs of food.  My kids ALWAYS eat the same thing!

Lucy eats chicken and fries.  She's never had a reaction there & the chicken is cooked in a healthy, but tasty way!!  Woohoo!  She was the first one to get really attatched to this restaurant :)

Clyde always cleans up the ribs.  If you like ribs, your hands better be faster than his.  He may occasionally throw a roll back in between bites of rib-meat.

Iris grabs a few ears of corn and pulls the bowl of baked beans (which is intended to serve the WHOLE family) toward her plate.  She then begins shoveling it in, while peeking at the rest of us to see if we're going to challenger her right to all the beans.  (we didn't)

And that's how we eat barbeque :)

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