Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Afternoon

Christmas afternoon we drove to our house to have Grandad & Grandmom, Aunt Dyan & Uncle Brent, Uncle Bobby, Sherry and David again, and David's parents, Tim and Yvonne come over to celebrate with us.  We all poured into the house pretty quickly.

Some of us prepped the food and some hung out with the kids until it was time to eat.  Stephen, Bobbi and I had made some turkey, green beans and pork roast ahead of time, but our family brought everything else.  Easy and delicious meal. We spread it out all over the kitchen table...

But everyone had to carry it downstairs..We borrowed tables from our church, and everyone fit quite nicely into our playroom!!

Afterwards we hung out and had fun...

I adore this picture!!  But it is rather conspicuous how John is not there.  Left to right, Sherry, Bobby, myself & Dyan.

Then I remembered that we needed to open the gifts...and not just leave them under the tree!

Kids opening gifts from Mr Tim and Mrs Yvonne...

Them opening Christmas money from Nana...

and from Grandmom & Grandad...

trying to figure out the riddle to their big present from Grandmom & Grandad (Splash Country season pass!!)  They can't wait for winter to be over!

Aunt Dyan, Uncle Brent and Uncle Bobby gave the kids an easel with a chalkboard, dry erase board and paper roll along with art suppllies!  They were way pumped and have used this in a number of ways already!

Grandmom & Grandad passed flashlights and utility shears to EVERYONE, along with other special gifts for their kids ;)

Then they passed magic erasers out to everyone in honor of John...he had told Janet about how wonderful they were and showed her what you could do with them. :)

Then the adults started opening gifts from the kids...I couldn't get a picture of each one...they were either blurry or my camera wouldn't snap, but here's what I got...

Uncle Bobby opening colored pencils w/ bark on them from Clyde..

Grandmom opened a Julie Andrews Sings Broadway cd from Iris & Clyde and some fuzzy socks from Lucy...

The kids put their money together to get Nana some green patio lights...

Dyan hugging Iris for her soap.  All the kids got her some form of soap (Lucy got her purple soap rose petals) and this became a joke that they were hinting to Dyan that she needed soap :)  Which, of course, she DOESN'T!

Uncle Brent got a stylus from Lucy and his hollowed out book from Clyde and Iris is showing him how he could hide Aunt Dyan's soap ;)

Grandad got a gardening magazine from Clyde and Iris and a custom sharpie-drawn coffee mug from Lucy.

All the "kids" went in together to surprise Grandmom & Grandad with an ipad :)  It was very fun!  They seemed truly surprised!

Stephen telling them about the ipad.

After Stephen returned the ipad to Grandad, Clyde suddenly decided Grandad's lap was the most comfortable place to be ;)

Then we celebrated Bobby & Lucy's birthdays!

Then we sat up David's tripod again, right outside my front door and took some group shots on the stairs.  :)

Everyone nibbled a little more food, chatted a little more then left.  We had a beautiful time celebrating the birth of our Lord!

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  1. Thank you Mindy! You always seem to capture everything...and so perfectly. And thanks for a lovely Christmas celebration. We had a great time and appreciate all the work the family did to prepare. God Bless all of you! Luv ya's, Dad & Janet