Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mock Election-House Divided

Mrs. Sarah ended the semester in American History with a class election.  Since I was her helper, I really didn't get to take many pictures, so forgive me.

The kids seemed to get the gist of how it worked.  They were divided into two parties.  Each party picked a candidate and ran a campaign (made a poster and slogan).  Then the candidates had a debate...sort of ;)

The only problem was that the two candidates were siblings...

Here they are telling everyone why they would be a good president...

At first, it appeared that the electoral votes were tie...

Mrs. Sarah asked me to choose, but I just couldn't, so Mrs. Tammy became Speaker of the House.  She was just about to announce her choice when we had a recount and realized that there had not been a tie after all.

Iris was the new president! (here she is holding a picture of her favorite president after her win. Unfortunately, I cut off George's head.)

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