Sunday, January 13, 2013

Surprise!! Happy 11th, Lucy!!

First, I went even more picture crazy than normal here, because 11 year old girls with paintbrushes and palates are just terribly photogenic.

Now, all year, Clyde has been saying how he wishes he could have a surprise party.  So one day, I decided that I was going to do surprise parties for all of the kids this year just so that they can all say they've had one.  I was a little torn about Lucy, because she really loves to plan.  I didn't want to take that away from her.  But it was very easy to get her to talk about what she'd like, so it really wasn't a problem and made things very simple for me.

She wanted a painting party and she wanted to have sorbet and toppings from Menchie's. She told me who she wanted to invite.  So the day after Christmas, her best friends' mom invited Lucy to come play, so that Bobbi, Stephen, Iris, Clyde and I could get ready for this....

Here surprise face had Stephen and I worried.  It was just a blank expression.  But she said when she saw everyone and we yelled "Surprise" it made her light-headed.  She was actually quite excited after that, but even so, 'excited' on her face looks different than excited on most kids faces ;)

Us singing and Lucy blowing the candles out on her Honeydew Sorbet :)

Everyone digging in :)

After eating our Menchie's creations & opening presents (pictures of opening presents didn't turn out so wonderfully) the painting began!!

First we paint the canvases blue...

 I took many more pictures of this stage, but I'll spare you ;)  Had to check on Handsome, of course :D

 Then they did a chalk outline of what they would be painting.  The girls were most studious and concentrated!

Ok, I know I'm biased, but this is just sheer CUTENESS!

Checked on Clyde.  He was melting into the couch best he could, hoping I would not realize how much screen time he was getting ;)

Had to include these 2 pics!  What ARE those two talking about?

Then they started the "real" painting!

 I love this shot!

 Clyde's melting-in-to-the-couch technique was really quite skilled.  He earned a record 3+ hours of uninterrupted screen time for being so well camouflaged.

Stephen's finished product.  For some reason he didn't want to paint the pretty flowers!

The girls in all their artistic glory!  Finally got Lucy smiling :)  That makes me happy.  Is it me or does Iris look quite tiny here?! Meg might want me to inform you, in case you're looking insanely closely at the paintings, that she was not quite finished here.  They did let her finish :)  I very rudely interrupted her artistic talents to get a group shot.

Happiest 11th, my darling Lucy!!  You are an incredibly thoughtful, pleasant, and precious girl!!  I love you SO SO much!!

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