Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pre-Christmas Pictures

This year, the kids saved up their money, because they all decided they wanted to give "store-bought" presents to EVERYONE.  They each made a master list.  Then we shopped & shopped & shopped until they each had a present for each person on their list.  A couple of times they had to do some extra work to earn a bit more money.  Stephen and I were amazed at how well they worked together on some gifts and how they all picked out pretty appropriate and inexpensive items for a wide variety of people.

Then there was much wrapping!

One particularly interesting present was a sort-of-bought-sort-of-made one.  Clyde and Iris went in together to buy their Uncle Brent a very large book from our local used book store.  Then they helped Daddy glue the pages together and hollow it out.  (didn't get a pic of Iris, she was only allowed to glue, of course)

Lucy and her friends enjoyed practicing their photography skills on the ornaments with all the twinkly lights.  Sorry about my blurriness, I used my phone camera a lot.

There was much anticipation over the arrival of Nana.  She showed up 5 days before Christmas.  She spent lots of time being helpful, playing with the grandkids and giving hugs!

Finally Christmas Eve came and we went to Mom and Paul's church for their Christmas Eve service.  Here's a Christmas Eve service (and after) from the eyes of a 6-year-old.

I took these two  :)

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