Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning we awoke at Nena and Papa's house.  Mom had a wide assortment of breakfast goodies....pumpkin bread, cinnamon roll bread...general yumminess.  After eating breakfast, getting dressed, fixing hair and chatting with the new arrivals (Sherry & David), the kids started passing out presents.

I generally feel weird listing all of the presents that everyone (especially the grown-ups) received, so I won't, but I love to show what the kids got eachother and maybe....throw in a few that they got the grown-ups and their favorites from Nena & Papa.

Here's Stephen with two of his while the rest of us are waiting for the kids to finish passing out gifts ...I particularly like this of Nana.

Iris squeezing Clyde BIG for his thoughtful gift to her of a Lalaloopsy.

She gave him an Elvis record..

Lucy huggin on Nana shortly after we finally got to yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to her 11 year old self at exactly 8:36am..

David with his fish ornament from Iris..

Lucy got me a pina colada air freshener for my van...

Clyde got Daddy "strutz" to help with his sore feet, from standing all day.  (he has a "standing desk")

Lucy got Clyde some Mario duct tape...

And since great minds think alike, he got her some paisley duct tape...

Iris gave Lucy some washcloths onto which she had asked Mrs. Amy to embroider the letter "L".  Thanks Mrs. Amy!

Lucy gave Iris some "Brave" wall stickers..

The girls got Papa a special golf towel...

Clyde gave Nena a special box...

Iris gave Sherry Berry a pumpkin scented candle...

They each received, from Sherry & David, swim lessons  and a shoulder buddy!  Which the wear around quite a lot!

Now for their favorites...

Iris is the easiest....definitely her "LeapPad like Land has" was her favorite.  She was shocked and overjoyed!

Clyde really enjoyed everything, but I think maybe his BopIt was his favorite.  He played with it non-stop for a few days.

Lucy was like Clyde and really enjoyed everything, but what she had longed for most, was this bulletin board for her room along with a dry erase board and she was thrilled when she opened it.

Then, after much more wrapping and ribbons flew across the room, we ate a most delicious lunch!  David put my camera on his new tripod and Clyde set the timer and ran...

Then we got to just hang out a bit.

It was a very lovely Christmas morning!! 

Thank you, Father,  for our GREATEST Christmas Gift, JESUS, sent for us!!

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