Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Man Quotes

When a man is but a man-child, he says what he thinks.  He has no idea how his words might affect those around him.

Example A;

Mom-  "Oh wow, I really wish I could fit into that dress!  I normally am not crazy about the clothes I see in stores, but THAT is really pretty!"

Clyde- "That's okay, Mom, you can just get a REALLY BIG size in that dress."

I start attractively howling with laughter as I squeeze the boy.  Passersby try to cover up their laughter and snickers.

My husband, however, is no longer a child and has been married for 12 years.  During this adventurous time, he has learned how to word things in a manner that does not injure those around him and thus, also behooves himself.

Example B;

I tried on a shirt I bought and ran downstairs to show it to him.

Stephen- "That shirt looks really nice.  It has kind of a medieval cut to it, which really accents your Venus frame."


Yes, folks, we have a winner!


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