Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Adam & Eve with Nena and Papa

Get it?..."Christmas Adam" ....the one that came before Christmas Eve?  :) anyway...

We spent the night of Christmas Adam with Mom & Paul and then Sherry came over Christmas Eve morning.  Minus David AGAIN! because THIS time, he had the flu!  It was TOOO sad!!!

Once Sherry-Berry got there, the kids started passing out presents.  Here they all are trying to decipher a tag...

Kids went in together and got Nena a tea tin containing strawberry-rose-champagne tea.

Sherry and Mom with Mom's new make-up brush and planner

Lucy decided to be daring and pick out a book for Sherry...

Nena and Papa got me a humidifier...Ya'll this humidifier totally rocks!  If you need one, this is THE ONE, it also doubles as a nightlight (you pick the color) and you can put essential oils in it to add aroma to the room :)

Nena and Papa with Lucy and one of the gifts they gave her... Lego Friends!

Iris was very pumped to get her own pot for cooking spaghetti!

Iris & Clyde went in together to get Sherry some antibacterial gels...

Iris gave Papa a jibbit shaped like a golf-ball for his croc shoes.

Clyde & Lucy gave him a writing pen that looked like a golf club.

Stephen got a 72 hour backpack from Nena & Papa.

David ordered me a glow-worm after he heard Sherry and I relaying a story of when I tragically lost mine in 3rd grade :)

Sherry & David gave Papa a new flag.

Stephen got a chassis kit for his arduino from Sherry & David.

My purse from Sherry & David.  Yay for yellow!!

Papa and us.

Nena and us.

Sherry & David got the kids sleeping bags!

We ate a WONDERFUL dinner!!

Lucy building during the peace after all the fun and craziness...

Clyde playing 4-way countdown...

Iris hugging her dino she named "Bowie."

Girls painted nails...

Boys in one shot...

Girls in another...

Wonderful blessing!  Wonderful people!  

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