Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lucy's Birthday Dinner

Lucy turned 12 on Christmas Day.  TWELVE!  That is SO crazy.

For her birthday dinner with Nena and Papa, she chose to go to her favorite local Chinese restaurant. 

After we ordered our food, we decided to go ahead and let her open gifts while we waited.

Here she is opening a birthday present and card from Aunt Rita and Uncle Allen.

Sherry decided to give them all their birthday Barnes & Noble giftcards at the same time, so they could all be surprised...

Clyde was actually quite excited about his gift card, contrary to what you may think from the picture.  What he was not excited about was how I kept making him move for the  picture ;)

Iris bought Lucy an American Girl book about service and volunteer work, which she has already devoured.

Clyde had plan for when Lucy opened HIS gift.  She was to promptly hand him her card when she pulled it out of the envelope.  She did.  After opening it to it's full size, he pushed a button on it, which made it play 'Happy Birthday' on acoustic guitar.  So he serenaded her while it played and then gave it back to her...

He also bought her Rick Riordan's Demigod Diaries, which she has already devoured and thoroughly enjoyed!

She seemed pretty happy with the lime green purse, lime green book light, and chewing gum her Daddy and I got her :)

Here she his with Nena and Papa and all the amazing soap-making stuff they got her...along with the awesome container for it all with the lime green handles.  You'd think the girl had a favorite color or something!

Fun was had by all!  Silly girl!  We need to put a book on her head!  Happy Birthday, My Wonderful 12-year-old!!

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