Monday, January 6, 2014

Trying My Hand at Christmas Portraits

Normally, I send out Christmas postcards with a picture of the kids on it.  And normally, I get these done at Penney's, or a friend takes them, or I go to some other professional photographer.

Well, this year waited WAY too long for that and the kids and I were going to have to just make do and have our own photo day or two.  We would just run around town and see what backgrounds we could find.

My first try was during the evening, so we needed a good indoor place.  First we went to Lowe's where I took about 20 pictures like this one.  We scooted some poinsettias over and....well, this was the best one.

Then the kids saw this 'porch' set up and wanted a pic here.  They posed themselves on this one.  This was NOT in the running for the postcard!  But it's still cute :)

Then we went to our town's biggest mall and took advantage of the set-up on the outskirts of the Santa picture area.

Next stop, and most successful, was the trains and gardens. 

First we stood in front of the gazebo.

I got quite genuine smiles here, because Clyde started telling jokes.  No one can make these girls laugh like their brother.  You can see, he cracks his self up as well!

So we walk over to the train cars.  Clyde makes a joke at Lucy's expense...her reaction, just give him a punch and keep a smile on your face!  :)  You'll notice, the child has a perfect smile on her face in EVERY picture.

I start telling them Chuck Norris jokes...

Then I start saying other things.  Like; "Clyde, stop!"

"Clyde, stop laughing"

"Iris, smile how you normally would."  Which she naturally interpreted as, "step forward and spread your wings like a bird!"

Then we go to the downtown mall.

in front of the trees in the mall, I'm at it again..."Clyde, look at ME!"..."no, not THAT much!"

some logs in the center of the mall...

What on earth did I say here?  Was it "Clyde, look like youre morphing into another creature?" ;)  Ha ha!  It was fun!

We went to the carousel park..

Then we got out of the cold, and went to eat with my sister :)

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