Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Historic Evening

Mrs E, Lucy's wonderful Historic Girls teacher, put on a beautiful Twelfth Night celebration for all her girls and their families.  We are so thankful for her and all that she teaches Lucy, and the other girls!  They've had such beautiful and unique experiences with her!

Here is Clyde enjoying himself with Pierce, Teva, and Mrs Tammy.

Iris and Sylvia enjoying their first dance...

Lucy and her friends demonstrating the  many dances they've learned and having a beautiful time!  There were many periods of dress represented at this dance, Lucy is wearing her Victorian dress here, as that is the era she presently studying.

Little girls snacking...

Stephen getting in on the fun!

This is how Stephen and Clyde looked most of the time.

A room full of dancers.

I thought this couple was particularly fun to observe.  :)

Mrs E helping Clyde read his question during the Victorian parlor game...

The little girls gathering under the coffee table for some more modern entertainment...

The big girls taking a break for snacks!

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