Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas 2016 Prep

Still backposting for 2016

The older the kids get (and I get), the more I forget our traditions and they either have to remember them or even do them themselves.  They totally made the cookies (with icing and without) and the hot cocoa themselves!

We have to sort through all the ornaments and make sure each of them has "their" ornaments before we start decorating the tree.

Here's Stephen and Nana.  Stephen says his only job is to untangle the beads and watch ;)

It's also become a tradition for Iris to wear this tinsel that we never use on her head :P

Falkor's first Christmas!!

And then we were ready to celebrate.  Once upon a time, when I was the kids' ages (and older), I felt like I really needed to have the decorations around to feel ready to celebrate Christmas, but now, I feel like it has become so easy to celebrate Christ's birth without any of that, because He is such an amazing gift for which I am incredibly thankful!  I wonder when the kids will feel this way.  (But the music is still so helpful and amazing!)

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