Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas at Home

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when we woke up...

Iris got some painting stuff, which she really wanted, from Nana!

Lucy surprised Clyde with some Garfield comics.  I love most the presents that they give one another.

these were after Iris opened her gift from Lucy <3 p="">

Nana with her gifts from the kids...

Daddy with his gifts from the kids...

Me with my thoughtful wee babes...

Clyde gets his pocket knife from Nana!

Lucy's gold was basically a small library :)

And her myrrh was a rainbow Bible that she had been wanting...

Iris's gold was all basically Harry Potter stuff :)

Clyde's frankincense was a nerf gun and then a couple small ones to share with the girls.  This amazing pic was followed by a nerf battle in the front yard.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!  Thank you for your abundant blessings and thank You for Your gift of You!

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