Monday, November 20, 2017

Miscellaneous aka-all the misfit pics

Still backposting 2016.

These will all be pics that didn't go with any of my other posts. :)

So, my uncle Ricky planned a picnic that got a shocking turn out!!  Here's my baby Lucy, only 6 months younger than my cousin, Brenna!

a group shot...

My marvelous Aunt Rita with her grands!

Took the kids to Booker T Washington and made them stand on the pier in the cold, cause I'm an awesome mom ;)

Getting in cuddles with my pup before he outgrown them (like now :(

 Iris rocking a panda mask...

Lu donning a Hufflepuff hat.  House pride!!

another late night walk with Sherry-berry!

The kids love to tuck in Falkor, and he LOVES being tucked in.

Clyde- morning hair

Clyde and Land thought if they switched clothes and tried to change heights we would get them mixed up.  Actually, sorta works.

Date night!

I took the Lucy and one of her besties, Meg, to a reallynice dress shope where they tried on holiday party dresses to their heart's content.  This is just a fraction of the fun!

Iris is super-jamming waiting for rehearsal to start!

Classic David.  Love it!

My handsome Falkor with his bow-tie.

Lu trying to show Iris how to do finger tricks... just thought it was a sweet image.  Lu looks so grown up here!

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