Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas at Dad's

Backposting for 2016

Janet, Bobbi and Dyan fixed a really great Christmas dinner!  We just smashed two table together so we could all fit.  And no, I'm not a foot taller than everyone, I'm just sitting on a stool. :)

My always cold hubby in his toboggan here, in this group shot...

The turkey effect... if memory serves correctly most of the men fell asleep!

Uncle Bobby and Clyde...they're the clowns of the family... probably more Clyde, but he brings it out in Bobby.

Janet had us play a game where we were supposed to guess the order of the colors of moose she was going to pull out of the stockings... and I won!  She always arranges lots of family games!

good times with all the uncles and aunties...

Left to right... Bobby, Iris, Brent, One-eyed Clyde, Lucy, and Dyan

I don't post all the present pics, because that would be insane, but I try to pick a few.  Here's Iris with her drawing stuff for Uncle Bobby.

Lucy with her weird holiday calendar for Uncle Bobby.  I happen to LOVE this gift and think it's pretty cool!

The wonderful Grandad.  He and Grandmom don't pose and don't love pics, so I try not to torture them by putting TOO many pics of them on here, but they have to be documented for posterity, right??

Iris giving Aunt Dyan a giraffe pen.  :)

Lucy, knowing that Dyan is cold-natured, unlike us weirdos, gave her heat-holder socks!

Clyde thought, Uncle Brent can always use more guitar pics right??

Grandad and Grandmom with their new moose salt and pepper shaker from Clyde :D

We had a special and fun time with Grandad, Grandmom, Dyan& Brent, Bobby, and Sherry & David!

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