Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas at Mom's 2016

Still Backposting

Some of these, I wish I had managed better lighting, but I'm not good at using my new software :(

But we had SO MUCH fun with Mom, Paul, Sherry and David at Christmas!

Nena and Iris with the Tangled puzzle Iris got Nena and Papa.

So we all got a kick out of this sign that Iris declared a PERFECT gift for Uncle David :D

Sherry opening pens from Lucy-the-Birthday-Girl!

Uncle David got a salt votive rock from Clyde.  I love documenting the stuff that the kids pick out. 

The most requested gift of the year from the girls!!!... training locks and lock pick sets!!  You know, just your average teen/preteen girl present.

Papa requested home-made from the kids, and Lu sketched and old pic of them together... I think he liked it.

Mom in her new coat :D

David with his new virtual reality set from his lovely wife, my awesome sister, Sherry.

 Sherry and Iris dancing with Iris in her new, very desired, flapper dress!

Clyde with his favorite candy at the time!  Which, I think, developed because it was MY favorite candy at the time.  Silly boy, always eating my candy.

Lu with some brushable markers, this girl never gets tired of art supplies!

 And who needs Christmas when you can just always pull out the tried and true melty-pegs?

Then we went out to let the dogs loose so they could play a bit.  Baby Falkor actually got the older, wiser Savanah to play a bit.

Papa and Clydie playing Clydie's new game...

Trying out the new lock-pick set...

Attempting the Tangled puzzle...

Miss flapper-dress herself, playing with Mr. Falkor.

Was a beautiful and fun Christmas!

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