Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas Play 2016

Still backposting for 2016

This year our church decided to redo a musical play they did when Lucy and Clyde were both kind of little.  Iris got the groovy angel part, and did great.  Our choir director, his wife, and Mrs Mindy (not me) do such a great job working with these musicals and making sure they convey the real Christmas story. 

Lucy, being 15, suddenly got to experience what it was like watching one of these as the proud big sister and babysitter of some of the performers ;0) . And Clyde enjoyed watching his own baby sister as well as his best friends' younger siblings.

Our friend, Erin, did a fabulous job as the Star of Bethlehem!

Iris and Nana...

Iris with Sherry and David...

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