Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dream Dessert Night

Stephen does not like my bright ideas very much.  Actually, he would tell you that my crazy ideas are okay, as long as I give advance notice.

One day, we were sitting at the dinner table and I blurted, "What if we had a dream dessert night, where everyone got to have their absolute dream dessert?!"

The kids, of course, were all for it!  Stephen had to recover from his shock for a few minutes before asking how this could even feasibly occur.  I came up with a  plan, then diplomatically, to the kids' chagrin, suggested we do it two weeks out to give his poor heart time to adjust ;)  He was a good sport and agreed with the condition that I had to have a plan to accomplish this ahead of time. 

Once I received everyone's orders, I realized that the only way to congregate the desserts in one place without melting any of them was to have them at home.  Our house is milk-free and not all of the desserts were, so I was going to have to be extra careful about storage and after-clean-up.

Stephen simply wanted a moist chocolate cake with creamy icing and chocolate chips.  I accomplished this with a visit to a local specialty grocery store and sprinkling of chips.

I wanted a coconut cake, but when I visited the local bakery that makes awesomely-moist cakes and pastries, I decided that a cinnamon roll was actually my dream dessert ;)

Lucy wanted homemade brownies (Aunt Dyan's recipe, please) with chocolate icing on top and sprinkles.  That was easy-peasy!

I nixed Iris's first request of a mug made entirely of chocolate and filled with root beer.  (another day, my sweet)  So she happily opted for a strawberry split.  After further inquiry, she described this as dish filled with cut strawberries and topped with 1 scoop of chocolate, 1 scoop of vanilla, and 1 scoop of strawberry.  Then it's topped with chocolate sauce.  Okay!  Got it!!

Last, but most certainly not least, was my darling boy.  He has what I guess you would call a creative palette.  He wanted rainbow sherbet with malt balls mixed in, topped with caramel sauce.

The evening was a glowing success!!!  Even my husband may have enjoyed it!

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