Monday, June 30, 2014

Bluegrass Concert

While at my Dad's on Father's Day weekend, we all went to a bluegrass concert in a local barn.

First everyone dove into the potluck .

Here's the crowd, while the band is setting up.  It actually got a good bit more crowded and many were standing.

The band, Dad's friend, Earl, is the banjo player...

Iris got hot and sleepy...

Then she was determined to dance.  But as soon as she and Stephen got on the dance floor, she got scared so he picked her up and danced with her.

Clyde sitting by the dance floor watching.

Lucy and Stephen dancing.

If you want to watch videos...

Here's the band playing.

Here is Iris's feet refusing to stay still.

Here's a nice 2step :)

It was so fun and the video sound doesn't really do the group justice, but you should still go watch!

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