Monday, June 9, 2014

Ferrets Visit the Vet

It is WAAAAAY past time for our ferrets to see the vet!  Fortunately, we didn't wait until there was an emergency this time!  (Last time, I thought I would be coming home with one less ferret, but God has spared Lavender a few times.)

All 3 kids decided they wanted to go with me this time!  Previously, only Clyde has wanted to go.  This meant super drugging Lucy.  We had her full of benedryl and albuterol and still made her take a shower afterwards.  She really thought she would be interested in the process.

I warned them that the vet would "loop" the ferrets.  (This means they insert a stick with a small loop at the end up their rear ends to get a stool sample.)  I was very proud of them when, of their own initiative, they volunteered to each follow a ferret around the house and watch her until she pooped so we could take labeled samples, thus avoiding "looping" the ferrets.

This was a VERY entertaining event!  One which I wish dearly that I had on video.  They did each accomplish watching their ferret poop and screaming, "She pooped!"  Then I would come with a bag, scoop some up and label it.  The kids were horrified that I then expected them to clean up the rest of the mess.  Ha ha!  It was awesome :)

Now we're at the vet.  You see our two calm ones in my hammock, Lavender and Laurel.  You see Clyde's wired, attention loving one, Lupine.

This is the expression on Iris's face whenever she sees her beloved pets.

Here's Clyde.  He thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  He clung to the window whenever they took them back so he could see all.  He watched them weigh, give shots, clean out their ears, take their temperatures (yuck) and everything.  He loved it and chatted with the vet NON-STOP.

Lucy and Iris, for the most part, huddled in the corner clutching each other, horrified at everything being done to their precious babies.  I unfortunately didn't get a pic of that, but I did get this during a moment when Iris went to the bathroom.

The vet let Clyde and Iris come see the earmites from Lupine's ears under the microscope.  Yikes!

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