Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ferreting Around

These two cuties are our biggest troublemakers.

Lupine likes shoes.  Alot.  She finds them and does her best to drag them all under the couch.  Fortunately for us, most don't fit under there.

Laurel, however is our biggest troublemaker.  You may remember a post from a few years ago where she made her "collection room" in the box spring under our bed and hid many many items in there.

Our boxspring now sits on the floor, so she found a new one.  We recently bought a new couch.  It, apparently has a nice hollow arm.  if she climbs up from under the couch and through the back corner of where the arm meets the back, there's a little doorway.  Here is Clyde after pulling the cushions off to get better access.  He's pulling the items out one by one.

Here's the stash.

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