Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Apple Pie & Purple Potatoes

We always bring the desserts to the new church small group that we're involved in.  They have been very gracious about it and it allows Lu to not have to worry about being touched by buttery hands or anything.  We loooove!

This has been very exciting for Iris as well, since she has gotten to bake more!

After I helped her bake a pie ( Paula Deene's recipe- FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T USE 1TBSP OF NUTMEG) and it turned out terrible, I set her free on the second one and let her do it by herself.... this time with considerably less nutmeg.  The only help she got was Daddy & Clyde peeling the apples and I helped crimp the edges.

 No pictures of the final pie?!  What?!  Oh well, I did think to run in after the pie had been demolished by fond admirers and take a pic of the last piece... in her new purple pie dish ;)

Later, a friend brought us some purple potatoes.  I, for one, was crazy excited.  We decided to mash them!  They were tres yummy!!!  MMmmmmm!!

Iris thought we must be pulling her leg, and though she loves purple, kept asking, "Are you joking?"

Lu however, was totally cool with the prospect and casually snuck some before we prayed.

Here's how they turned out!

Fabulous!!  I kept one as a seed potatoe!!  Bwahahaha  :D

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