Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Worst Case of Strep

While Lucy was away, playing happily with her siblings, aunt & uncle, and Nena and Papa for 4 days, she ran a low grade fever, but was generally happy.  This didn't worry my sister, so she stayed put and had a great time.

But a couple hours after she got home, her fever shot up, she got a severe head/neck ache and she got nauseous.  Stephen took her to an after hours pediatrics office, since it was Sunday night.  They said the  moment her swab hit the strep test, it registered positive.

Ya'll.  She was sick for a LONG time.  It was crazy.  Her fever didn't last long after the antibiotics, but the headaches and lethargy took a LONG time to go away!

Clyde and Iris fixed her up a little "station" while she was at her sickest.  They brought her pillow, favorite stuffed animals, my great-grandma's quilt, her favorite fuzzy blanket, her book, and a stool with snacks and water.  It was very sweet.

She started to perk up one day and said she'd like to ride her bike at the dead end, so out we went in our pajamas and made it happen.

But then, several days later, Clyde got a headache.  Then he sat and was quiet and said he didn't feel like playing.  What?!  Then he got some nausea and CRAZY chills!

Here he is at the pediatric office.

 Then...  (notice the lonely ipad)

When they have to endure a shot or a strep test, I normally treat them to something.  He wanted a frappaccino.  I got him one.  It made him so cold he started shaking violently and crying.  I swung back through the starbucks line and ordered that boy a HOT drink.  The lady was shocked to see us again so quickly, I explained and she gave us the drink for free, "bless his little heart!"

But the worst was yet to come.  Several days after Clyde had recovered, in the wee, dark hours of the  morning, I heard a really, REALLY weird moan coming from the girls' room.  Stephen made it to Iris's bed first, but she was stiff and unresponsive.  She was still that way when I made it in there and he was shouting her name.  He shouted for a while and rubbed on her to bring her out of it.  We had both seen her like this one other time before... when she was one year old.  When she opened her eyes, she was terrified and started weeping.

Stephen carried her into the living room.  She was SO pale.  And so balmy.  Little sweat beads were popping up all over her.  She cried and said she didn't know what happened, but when she first heard our voices she couldn't open her eyes and when she first was able to open her eyes, our faces were moving sideways really fast like an old movie over and over again.  I went to get her pillow and armadillo and realized that she had lost control of her bladder during that episode, but was completely unaware of it.  That NEVER happens.  We knew it was a seizure.

We called the pediatric office, they told us she needed to go to the ER.  On the way, we became even more convinced, she was so weary and weak and just wanted to go home.  Then she threw up.

Nena and Papa came to see her for a while at the ER, and though they hated to leave her, they took the other two home with them.

They sent us down to imaging where she was relieved to have some freedom to move around in her wheelchair.

Then she got SO sleepy, but was so afraid to go to sleep.  She was so scared it would happen again.  They drew her blood, after several pokes, and gave her a strep test.

Then Mrs Amy came and brought her get well greetings from all, a bracelet from Meg, and Teva's LeapPad to play with.

 We were told that she did indeed have strep. (No surprise.)  But that she probably didn't have a seizure, she was probably clenching from stomach pain and couldn't answer us.  (Um....what?  Yes, that was from an actual doctor.)

She seemed mighty hungry.  And we sure were!  So Mrs Amy went to get a couple of her girls to help cheer our girl, and met us at Subway, Rissy's favorite!

Only, she found she just couldn't eat.  She took a bite, and was just overwhelmed by weariness.

But after we went home and she took a nap, we sent this picture out to let everyone know, things were on the mend!

Anyway, all of this came just a couple weeks after a round of fifths disease.  Jolly fun!

So grateful to be done with all that, and just praying our baby doesn't have anymore seizures!

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