Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Selfies of Our 14th Anniversary

Sherry & David often keep our kids for our anniversary.  This time they kept them for 4 nights!!!  Besides when I was in the hospital doped up for my kidney stone, that's the longest we've ever been apart!  We missed them, but managed to cram in lots of food, fun, late night TV, and sleeping in!
And WAY too many selfies!!

Shogun!  So much cheaper at lunch time... amazing the $$$ difference!

Movie marathon at the dollar theater... we like to call it the $3.50 theater.  We saw The Winter Soldier and The Other Woman, one right after the other.  We enjoyed both immensely!

Ate outside!  Beautiful weather, beautiful sunset, lovely food, and exquisite company!

Went to art district and rented bikes!!
Courtyard area....

Artisan restaurant area...

River side...

sculpture garden....

cool tree that grows into a room you can walk into...

there's Stephen in the distance :)

biking all around a couple of parks on the north shore...LOVED that they connected!  

Stephen = chocolate.  Me = peach sorbet.

more river in the background :)

Taziki's on our last morning!!

Had THE BEST!! time!!  We were happy to get those kids back though ;)

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  1. Great time away (always hard for me too, but always wonderful too!) And Jason isn't a fan when I try to take a selfie of us, but he does it anyway. :)