Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Little Girls

My kids and many of their friends have really been at us Mom's to have some sleepovers.  We decided to kill 3 birds with one stone.  The night of the music camp performance, my big girl went to one house, my boy went to another, and Stephen and I took on two more little girls.  We had an AWESOME time!!

That evening we went to Menchies to celebrate a stellar performance...

We pulled the couch bed out and let them talk for awhile.  Ada fell asleep first, then Iris... Teva was last.

The next morning, Ada strolled in our room to and opened our curtain to show Stephen and I that there was light outside :)

They submitted their breakfast requests to me then proceeded to watch Barbie movies...

Breakfast in bed while watching a movie!  Three different kinds of eggs :)

They went downstairs and each made a store.  They also shopped/ate in eachother's stores.

When that happened they had to close their own store, of course.

Then manicure time arrived.  I did Ada's, everyone else self-decorated...

These girls know how to have a tea party.... toast, watermelon and blueberry-bliss tea!

Polly Pocket time!

They decided it was Flower-in-your-hair Day.  We ALL had to have them.

Then dinner time arrived all too soon and we had to head out for a few errands and to return our guests home.  When Ada fell into a deep sleep, I decided to sneak a couple of vanilla frapaccinos back to the older two.  These were received with much surprise, gratitude, and glee!

And that concluded one FABULOUS sleepover!  Lucy & Clyde had epic adventures at their hosts' houses as well :)

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